Southwest Atlanta Man Shoots Would-Be Home Invaders

Atlanta Police say a home owner fired back after an attempted robbery.

According to Atlanta Police reports and reporting done by WSB Radio, it has been determined that at least one robbery suspect was shot and another was badly beaten by the Southwest Atlanta homeowner who lives on Dill Avenue.

According to the police report, "On 09/01/2012, at approximately 22:36 officers were dispatched to 1000 Dill Ave SW in reference to a shots fired call that subsequently turned into a person shot."  Witnesses corroborate the homeowners story that these 2 individuals broke into his house and after a struggle, the homeowner was able to wrestle away the weapon.  He, in turn, shot one of the home invaders and began beating up the other "because he feared for his life."

WSB Radio reports that, "the two suspects later fled in a Green Ford Taurus which ended up in an accident." They tried to flee on foot after crashing, but collapsed in the street where APD officers found them and were able piece together the crime scene.

Unfortunately the homeowner's dog was shot by the suspects.  No word on the dog's condition has been released.

Brett September 07, 2012 at 12:16 AM
Yes it's unfortunate the homeowner's dog was killed. But it's even more unfortunate the suspects lived, as we will now pay for them to take up space. They'll be released soon enough and the cycle will repeat. I hope the politically correct aren't offended by this comment.
michael Henley November 20, 2012 at 08:25 AM
personally if you break in to someones home with the intent to rob,burglarize,rape and assault ,YOU should be killed., no ifs ands or buts... THE CURE FOR HOME INVASION IS DEATH PENALTY.


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