Video: Latest Zone 1 Crime Report

Major Quiller, briefs NPU-T residents on the latest crime data in the Zone 1 area.

Zone 1 Commander reports that crime continues to be down month to month compared to last year, but more needs to be done in regards to burglaries around the Atlanta University Center and West End area.

Major Quiller says that they have stepped up patrols within and around the Atlanta University Center.  He wants to go a step further and put an actual AUC police officer in the patrol car with an APD officer 7 days a week to help patrol the area.

During a later portion of the NPU-T meeting, Major Quiller reinforced that the best thing for students and people in the area to do to NOT become a victim of the type of theft they are seeing, is to not wear their nice headphones while walking through the neighborhood nor showcase that they have a nice cell phone.  This may seem as if it is a small solution for a big problem, but in a given month the majority of crimes are from incidences when the criminals are just snatching items and running.


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