Video: November Zone 1 Crime Report from NPU-T

Zone 1 Commander reports to NPU-T residents about November/October crime stats.

Atlanta Police Commander for Zone 1, Ofc. Quiller, reported to NPU-T members that crime has slightly risen over the past month.

Commander Quiller also shared how Zone 1 officers intend to police and protect citizens during the holiday season, when robberies tend to trend higher.

Currently the increase in robberies has been the result of "opportunity crimes."  Crimes in which the criminal sees the victim walking down the street with expensive headphones, cell phones, or laptops and attempts to rob them by snatching their items and running.  Quiller says the easiest way to avoid becoming a victim in this manner, is to not "show-off" your goods and to walk in groups.

NPU-T covers the majority of the West End and AUC.  You can join NPU-T by visiting www.nputatlanta.org.


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