Video: "Project Steel Curtain" Shows Signs of Success for Atlanta Police and the Pittsburgh Community

Steel Curtain, nets a number of arrests, over 40 guns, drugs, and a large amount of money from the Pittsburgh community.

On Thursday, Atlanta Zone 3 Police and the Pittsburgh community, along with assistance from Federal law enforcement agencies announced their accomplishments through their crime suppression joint-initiative, Steel Curtain.

The community gathered on McDaniel Street in Southwest Atlanta to hear the announcements of results from 'Steel Curtain' as they were read by the Zone 3 Commander:

-105 arrests for crimes ranging from wanted fugitives, involvement in street gangs, probation violations, burglaries, carjackings, drugs and homicides.

-Forty-five firearms (from handguns to assault rifles)

-$4,000 cash and more than $81,000 in street value of drugs seized.

The initiative also included some of the following community engagement events: Members of the community participated in neighborhood trash pickups along Garibaldi Street, a “positive loitering” along Humphries and Rockwell Street to increase citizen and police visibility in high-crime areas, a positive loitering detail at Crogman Lofts, and a “streetlight inventory” walk with officers and residents to document lights that are not working.

A number of law enforcement agencies were present at the gathering but the purpose of the event was summed up best by a community resident that stood up and took to the podium to speak his mind.  Mr. Wendell shouted, "If you sell drugs, we don't want you here!"  Backed by a number of law enforcement, the community clapped in agreement with Mr. Wendell.

erie November 15, 2012 at 03:52 PM
When its prove and found guilty.After the person get out of jail.Ban them from the city where that person did the crime forever.Theres no law thats on the books that state you can't ban someone from your city for being a human butt. Ban them and you don't have to worry about them much more.


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