Video Update on the Shooting at Beecher and Cascade along with How to Report Gunshots

Many residents are still bothered by the murder that occurred on Beecher near Cascade.

The video above was shot at a NPU-T neighborhood meeting, where residents tried to get clarity on the whether a suspect had been captured for the murder of a young man on Beecher.

The Zone 4 Commander could not go into details because the case was still active, but did say that a suspect has been identified.  He also told the group, that the incident was not a random shooting.

Concerned residents also questioned the Commander about new technologies to help residents and police officers to respond to gun shots in the area.  Residents are urged to call APD whenever they hear gunshots, even though they may not know exactly where they are from. 

The Atlanta Police Department is actively looking at new technologies that will be able to help them pinpoint where a gun was fired in the future.


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