Video: Ways that Residents can Help Police Protect our Streets

Zone 4 Commander wants residents to, "be seen."

Zone 4 Commander, Rodney Bryant, was asked during the latest NPU-T meeting for residents in the Westview, West End, and Beecher Hills community, about what residents can do to help the APD efforts in our neighborhoods.

In the video, Major Bryant expresses that one of the best things to do is to just, "be seen."  He says that criminals generally do not want to be seen, and if they know you are watching they are less likely to act.

Bryant said that he is constantly looking through his blinds at home and that he also knows his neighbors.  Knowing your neighbors can greatly help because, you start to know who should and should not be around their house.  For example, if an elderly woman lives in the house across the street, you probably should be suspicious if you see a small group of teenagers snooping around.

Common sense like that, and residents reclaiming their neighborhood streets are all ways to support the police in having safe communities.


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