'Weave Thieves' Steal $30K in Hair Thursday from Headland Beauty Supply

Hair theft on the rise in southwest Atlanta and across the country.

Just weeks after theives stolen $10,000 in hair extensions from a College Park beauty shop, four masked men broke into another shop in southwest Atlanta and snagged nearly $30,000 worth of weaves, according to local news reports.

Atlanta police said the thieves used a large rock to smash their way into the Master Beauty Beauty Supply, 3031 Headland Dr., early Thursday.

According to a report by Fox-5 Atlanta reporter Portia Brunner, investigators say the thieves broke in around 4:30 a.m., shattering two glass doors at the store’s entrance and climbing inside to snatch packets worth $90 and $150 each.
The store manager says the suspects loaded the hair extensions into a black GMC Suburban and drove off. The store captured surveillance video of the thieves in action, but that video has not been released, Bruner said.

Hair theft has grown significantly over the last few months.

Last month, The New York Times reported that "weave thieves" have stolen as much as $150,000 in extensions from a Houston salon and $90,000 of human hair from a beauty supply store in Chicago.

According to the Times article, packages of the most expensive hair type can cost as much as $200 in beauty supply stores, but stolen hair extensions are sold on the street for as little as $25.

Cascade Patch will bring you more news soon about the growing hair theft trend in metro Atlanta and across the country.


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