Woman Chases Down Suspect After Being Robbed and Stabbed Near Northside Dr.

A suspect was eventually caught by Atlanta Police.

Castleberry Hill, the community just on the other side of Northside Drive and the campuses of the AUC, has continued to see a rise in the number of pedestrian robberies and even carjackings.  On Monday evening, one woman had enough of being victimized and tried to fight back.

According to reports from WSB, the suspect forced his way into her loft building on Magnum Street as she entered the building and tried to take her purse.  The woman fought back and was cut on her hands with the suspect's knife.

Atlanta Police Department Lt. Jeff Cantin told WSB, "he did have a knife, he did cut her hands because she did struggle. She did not give up her purse right away."

After taking the woman's purse the suspect ran away, but at the same time the victim jumped in her car attempting to chase down the thief.  Again, WSB is reporting that she was able to catch up to the suspect and ram him to the ground, briefly, with her vehicle. 

"The lady got out of the car and she was bleeding and she starts yelling that she’s been robbed,” a neighbor told WSB.

The neighbor heard the screaming and called 9-1-1 while also attempting to follow the suspect on foot until police arrived.  The suspect was eventually caught in a parking lot on Markham Street.

Note:  Castleberry Hill is not inside the boundaries of Cascade Patch, so we have not reported much on the rising crime in the area, but residents in that area have been facing a number of issues like pedestrian thefts and car break-ins.


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