Zone 1 Issues Alert to Ashview Heights and Washington Park Residents

Zone 1 Police want residents to be on the lookout in your neighborhood.

Major Anthony Quiller sent out a Zone 1 Alert at approximately 3:50 p.m. Thursday, to residents warning them about some suspicious activity in the Washington Park and Ashview Heights areas.

The brief statement reads:

Alert ~Alert

Over the Last few nights we’ve received reports of individuals knocking on residents doors in the Ashview Heights and Washington Park area, claiming to be selling meat products. At this time we are not sure if they are selling stolen goods or attempting to gain entry into residents homes. Please use caution and dial 911 to report any suspicious activity. Thank You !

Major T. Quiller, Atlanta Police Department Zone One Commander 

As it has been reported in the past, some of these same tactics have been used for criminals to gain entry to your house and/or to "scope-out" your house and determine who lives there and when people are home or not. 

The safest solution is to not open your door, unless you know the person on the other side.  I personally, would not answer the door, nor respond to the doorbell.  If I am not expecting anyone, then I would secretly take a look outside to see what kind of car is outside of my house.  If it is UPS or the mailman, then okay I will open the door.  On the other-hand, if it is a truck, van, or car that I do not know, I will not open the door and will call the police anonymously. (yes you can remain anonymous)

It is important you call the police in these situations and that officers stop individuals in the neighborhood to see what they are really up to and if it is legitimate or not.  I know that in some cases people do sell items door to door, but in most cases this is not legit and you should be very cautious.

Thank You Zone 1 Commander Quiller, for this Alert!


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