Let the Voting Begin! SW Atlanta Led the Early Voting Turnout - But Don't Stop Now!

Will voters continue to turnout in big numbers in SW Atlanta for President Obama's re-election bid?

The registration and "ground-game" efforts by the various campaigns has shown signs of success during the early voting in Fulton County, but the real success will be on display after the polls close tonight.

According to the unofficial numbers from the Fulton County Elections Office, as of the end of Early Voting, 152,563 people have cast their ballots.  Nearly 40% of that total came from 2 polling places in Southwest Atlanta.  Adamsville Recreation Center has been the second most active voting site while, the most active site was the South Service Center that is located near the Atlanta Airport.  They have had over 60,000 voters cast their ballots at their 2 locations alone!

Fulton County No. of votes cast
Adamsville Recreation Center 28,897 Buckhead Library 20,853 Government Center
19,803 North Service Center 24,411 Ocee Library 24,284 South Service Center 34,315 Total Number of Voters 152,563

After early voting myself at the Adamsville location, I stood outside the polls to ask a few questions from others.  The general consensus, was that, yes the energy and excitement was not there as it was 4 years ago, but the times and the choices of today are still as crucial if not more crucial.  The people that I spoke to seemed to be more serious and businesslike with this vote, and less full of glee and hope of 4 years ago.  According to the group of residents I spoke to, this is not a bad position for President Obama to be in, they say people now know that he is the "only one fighting for the middle-class," and that people are voting FOR something this year and not just for the "Hope and Change" from 4 years ago.

Polling Places close at 7 p.m., Patch will report winners and losers as soon as the local election office provides information.


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