Atlanta Councilmember Michael J. Bond Speaks with West End Residents about the Future of Fire Station #7

West End residents do not know why the Mayor will not put a fire station back at the #7 location.

Councilman Michael Julian Bond told West End residents that, "he too wants to see a fire station at the #7 location."

1 month earlier, according to a local resident, Mayor Reed attended the neighborhood meeting and informed them that he himself was not going to recommend that a station be put back in that building located at 535 Whitehall Street.  Instead he informed homeowners and business owners that he wants to see an EMS department housed in that location.

Residents in the area say that the insistence to keep the fire station closed will have a large impact on the community and public safety in both the Historic West End, as well as surrounding neighborhoods through:

Increased response times to fire emergencies
Increases in Home and Rental Insurance Rates to residents Loss of a Major Community Asset

Councilman Bond urged citizens to attend the Budget Hearings and committee meetings, so that they can present a large petition and have their voice heard as a community.


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