Bill Edwards Holds Community Meeting on Legislative Issues 2/28

How will the future of Fulton County evolve? Learn from our Fulton County Commissioner.

On Thursday, February 28, 2013 there is a Town Hall Meeting with Commissioner Bill Edwards at the Cliftondale Arts Center Auditorium, 4645 Butner Road.  According to Commissioner Edwards' office, this is of importance to all area residents and you are urged to attend, because of the important legislative measures to be discussed.

There are a number of recently proposed House Bills that Commissioner Edwards and other commissioners oppose including HB 170, 171, and 172.  Commissioner Emma Darnell gave a detailed report of her opposition to the above bills in a story on Cascade Patch.

In addition to the above bills Commissioner Edwards has also informed his constituents that he is opposing HB 264, 346, and 347.  House Bill 264 is probably of most concern to residents in Southwest Atlanta and South Fulton, as it deals with MARTA. MARTA and its service, no matter how bad it may be, has been a vital resource for residents in the area and continues to be in danger from politicians.

Commissioner Edwards says that HB 264, "suspends the restriction of 50% of sales and use taxes as the maximum amount allowed for the operations of MARTA for an additional 3 years, and alters the powers of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners to appoint members to the MARTA Board, among other revisions."  Commissioners like Mr. Edwards believe MARTA should be free to spend its money where it sees needs, and not be tied down to specific limits.

There is a complete list of new laws that are passing through the Georgia legislature, that Commissioner Edwards wants residents to be aware of.  A brief description of the questionable bills have been made available by the office of Commissioner Edwards.

Commissioner William "Bill" Edwards Quarterly Listening Session 
Thursday, February 28, 2013, 7:00 P.M.

Cliftondale Arts Center Auditorium 4645 Butner Road.


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