City Council to Honor Civil Rights Activist Lonnie King

In 1960, King became the co-founder and chairman of the Atlanta Student Movement.

Lonnie King. Screenshot courtesy courtesy www.sixtiessurvivors.org.
Lonnie King. Screenshot courtesy courtesy www.sixtiessurvivors.org.
Patch Staff Report

Atlanta City Councilmembers C.T. Martin, Michael Julian Bond, and Kwanza Hall announced in a news release recently that they will honor Lonnie King with a reception and proclamation on Monday, March 17 for his contributions to the Civil Rights Movement. 

The noon reception will be followed by a proclamation presentation during the regularly scheduled 1 p.m. full council meeting at city hall.

During the 1960s, Georgia had an increase in student activism on college campuses. Opposed to social inequality, student activists like Lonnie King demonstrated in hopes of effecting fundamental change. 

March 1960 saw the creation of the Atlanta Student Movement which was chaired by Lonnie King who was a student at Morehouse College. King was co-founder and chairman of the student movement, alongside fellow student Julian Bond.

Through his commitment to human rights, Lonnie King fought for justice, marched for equality, and sat down at segregated lunch counters for the sake of basic human decency. 

For more information, please call Councilman Martin’s office at 404-330-6055.

See this video clip of King, courtesy www.sixtiessurvivors.org, talking with teachers on a civil rights tour.


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