Emma Darnell, Fulton County Commissioner, Gives her Residents Answers to Top 10 FAQs on TSplost

Emma Darnell, District 5 Fulton County Commissioner, answers the top 10 FAQ's about Tsplost with truth and facts.

As the debate on whether to vote for or against TSplost heats up, Emma Darnell our District 5 Commissioner has released a very easy to read guide to the debate.

Commissioner Darnell has boiled down the debate to the 10 most asked questions. These questions can be heard over and over again at every neighborhood meeting and every Transportation briefing, center around the jobs claim, the effects it will have on MARTA, and the traffic congestion claim. (of course costs are always an issue as well)

Please take a moment to read Commissioner Emma Darnell's response to these issues below.

1. When will the “200,000” jobs be available to the

Proponents say that by 2040 T/SPLOST “will support” 200,000 jobs. There is no evidence to support the claim that the Project will reduce “unemployment.”

2. How will the Project benefit residents whose commute time is less than 45 minutes?

Planners have projected that by 2040 the number of commuters who can travel to work in 45 minutes or less will increase by 6%. Information
concerning the benefit to “the average commuter” in the Region is not available. “For people who commute very close to home (the benefit) probably will be negligible”, according to planners. This includes persons, young and old, who live in the Region’s urban areas.

3. If the Transportation Tax passes, will MARTA routes in the City of Atlanta be


4. Will MARTA fares be reduced?

NO. According to MARTA officials, (critical) upgrades in services and equipment
cannot be completed until the Georgia Legislature removes the existing restriction
(50%) on MARTA’s expenditures for operations.

5. What counties are served by the MARTA System?

Fulton, DeKalb, Cobb and Gwinnett.

6. What counties pay the MARTA Tax?

Fulton and Dekalb

7. Will residents of Fulton and DeKalb Counties also pay the T/SPLOST tax?

YES. If the T/SPLOST passes, residents of Fulton and DeKalb Counties will pay a
2ȼ tax for “regional transportation.” Residents of the other counties will pay 1ȼ.
Sales taxes within the City of Atlanta will increase to 9% - the highest in the

8. Who will operate T/SPLOST?

The T/SPLOST Project will be managed by the Georgia Department of
Transportation and a Committee of persons appointed by the Speaker of the House
of Representatives and the Lieutenant Governor of Georgia.

9. What about a “Plan B” – if the T/SPLOST fails?

There is always a “Plan B”.

10. What about Atlanta’s “future”?

Atlanta’s future – like its past – will be based upon character – not cars.

For more information or to comment, contact Commissioner Darnell by e-mail at emma.darnell@fultoncountyga.gov, by phone at (404) 612-8222 or by mail
at 141 Pryor St. Suite 10023 Atlanta, Georgia 30303. www.EmmaDarnell.com.

benhoward July 20, 2012 at 02:44 PM
Helpful information for those still undecided.
Glen McDaniel July 21, 2012 at 01:31 AM
Actually probably more direct answers than I have seen publicly. There is lots of ligistical information available but folks want to know how will it affect me: my pocketbook, my neighborhood? What's the worst case scenario if this initiative doesnt pass?
Bobby Flournoy July 21, 2012 at 01:39 PM
I don't agree that "there is always a plan b". If that was true, we'd be voting for plan a, or plan b.
KellyW July 22, 2012 at 01:12 PM
There certainly is a Plan B but the Plan B options would be just as unpopular as the transportation referendum. The Regional Transportation Referendum is not a perfect list but it goes to serve the needs of the region since so many of us travel beyond the county where we reside in and since improvements made at one place will affect another county. Other alternatives would include unpopular measures that we have already seen such as toll roads and hot lanes.


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