Home Rule News: Sandtown Still Not Sold on City of South Fulton

New legislation, calls for the cityhood referendum to be held in conjunction with the 2014 General Primary.

HomeRuleNews.com had an interesting article last week about South Fulton wanting to become its own city and opposition it is receiving from the Sandtown community.

Dominque Huff reports that, "the opinions of the Sandtown Community Association (SCA) remain the same on cityhood as it did back in 2007, thanks, but no thanks!"

As the talks get serious again, one of the main issues seems to be a lack of clear information and community knowledge about the actual proposals and what a decision for cityhood may or may not mean to surrounding communities. 

Cascade Patch will cover this South Fulton issue in more depth in the weeks to come, as it could affect some in West Cascade and those in our patch's southernmost border.  In the meantime, please follow the link to the article in HomeRuleNews.
James Reese December 16, 2013 at 01:31 PM
Visit http://southfultonliving.com for all the information on the Proposed City of South Fulton, including HB704, Proposed City District Map and FAQ. Leave comments and re-name the city if you like at http://blog.southfultonliving.com
Rodney Littles December 19, 2013 at 12:18 PM
- - - http://youtu.be/byvISZUVf3k Many of the civic leaders who live in South Fulton support the formation of the new City because: The unincorporated South Fulton area pays for City Services provided by Fulton County with a Special Services Tax. If we become a City those taxes will be paid to the new City. So we are acting like a City now!!! As a City we would be eligible for Local Option Sales Tax ( LOST) revenue. Since we did not become a City the last time we had a chance to vote for it 6 years ago we have missed out on over $15 million per year. That is $90 million (estimated )! That is a lot of lettuce!!! :-)) This year we would have received close to $18 million. As a City we would also receive another $2 million in user and franchise fees. These dollars would keep our taxes at or lower than they are now and improve services. I support Cityhood for reasons of fiscal control and self determination so politicians that do not live on our side of town will no longer make decisions about my government services! And to get all the revenue we deserve to keep my tax rate low!!! Any questions about forming the New City or to donate your time, cash and talent email Benny Crane President of the Board of South Fulton United, Inc. at SouthFultonUnited@live.com This non profit was formed to raise funds to pay for the Study to determine the level of viability of a New City of South Fulton. God bless and Happy Holidays!!


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