NAACP Announces Gun Buy Back Day in Atlanta on January 16

Mayor Reed says that the City of Atlanta endorses the buy back program.

As a salute to Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, the Atlanta Branch of the NAACP announces its plan to have gun buy-back on January 16, 2014. Mayor Reed reveals the city’s participation and endorsement of the gun buy-back initiative on Monday morning from city hall. 

Clergies such as Dr. Raphael G. Warnock, Senior Pastor, Ebenezer Baptist Church and Dr. Creflo Dollar, Senior Pastor, World Changers Ministries has also signed on as partners in this great effort.

WHAT:            Mayor Kasim Reed announces the City of Atlanta endorsement of NAACP Gun Buy-back Initiative. 

WHEN:            10: 30 a.m., Monday, December 16, 2013

WHERE:          Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity St. Atlanta GA 30303

Chris Golden December 19, 2013 at 03:43 PM
Interestingly, the earliest gun control measures were instituted due to recently freed slaves having rights. They were selectively applied (Jim Crow laws). The lie is gun control reduces crime but when scrutinized the more onerous the restrictions, prohibitions and outright bans that apply only to honest law abiding citizens, ironically the crime rates go up. Decades of honest criminology data support this. Gun prohibitionist deceptively promote gun control as crime control but it's not. MAIG (embraced by Mayor Reed), VPC, Brady gang and other gun prohibitionist ignore honest data create pseudoscience and statistical puffery to entice a naïve public, unaware of the 20,000 firearm laws we currently enjoy. They ignore that most "gun violence" is attributed to low income inner city gang and drug crime. Rather than confronting those issues they attack an inanimate object purportedly protected by the bill of rights. Perhaps if Bloomberg spent his millions for inner city youth programs that taught special skills and trades that would help those who wanted help, then perhaps effective steps at reducing crime could be realized. Gun data facts, make an informed decision not misinformed http://www.justfacts.com/guncontrol.asp The racist roots of gun control http://www.firearmsandliberty.com/cramer.racism.html


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