Photos & Video: Voters Along with Mayor Kasim Reed Turnout at Ralph Bunche Middle School and Vote!

Voters young and old turned out to vote on July 31st, 2012.

Ralph Bunche Middle School saw hundreds of Southwest Atlanta voters stream into its doors to vote in the July 31st election.  Past student Mayor Kasim Reed even performed his citizen duties around 11 a.m., and voted.  He said that he voted FOR the Transportation Referendum, and that he believes it will pass, "due to all of the local support it has received."

Families brought young toddlers to take part in the experience of voting, though it seemed they were more committed to receiving the 'I Voted' sticker at the end.  Other family members attended with 1st time voters from their own families.  I witnessed 1 woman bring in 3 young girls who were voting for their first time ever.  They were cautious of how the whole process worked but came out of the booth smiling and excited to have participated.

Read the Patch Live Blog, Covering the entire Transportation Issue across GA.

We will report on the winners and losers of today's election when the polls close and the votes have been counted.


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