Wednesday Morning Snow Update from APS and Local Governments

Sand spreaders have been deployed to address ice on Cascade Road.

Norside Drive at 14th Street on Atlanta's westside was snarled in traffic on Tuesday afternoon. Credit: Hunt Archbold
Norside Drive at 14th Street on Atlanta's westside was snarled in traffic on Tuesday afternoon. Credit: Hunt Archbold
Here are a few early morning statements from local city organizations regarding the unprecedented snow fall and how it is affecting city residents.

Atlanta Public Schools Update:
Atlanta Public Schools can confirm that all of the 50 students who were previously reported as still being on buses have been transported safely. We have several hundred students who are sheltered in place at schools primarily in the north and west region of the city. There were a few challenges to food delivery at some locations, but all students did receive food thanks to the Atlanta Police Department, our resourceful staff, and the generosity of communities. Students are safe and continue to be supervised by staff and resource officers. The Georgia State Patrol is also on site.

We are asking parents to contact schools directly for information on students. However, the district will continue to provide updates as we continue to monitor the weather and road conditions. We ask parents and guardians to bear with us.

Fulton County Government - De-Icing Bridges & Major Roadways:

Fulton County’s Facilities & Transportation Services Department crews continue to address icy road conditions in unincorporated Fulton County.  Motorists are urged to avoid road travel if possible.

Since snow and ice moved into the area yesterday, crews have spread more than 300 tons of sand and two tons of calcium chloride while responding to icy road conditions in unincorporated Fulton County, including:

·                     De-icing of 43 bridges

·                     De-Icing of 14 roads

·                     Inspection of 15 traffic signals

·                     Response to 40 calls for de-icing

Crews are currently de-icing Flat Shoals Road from Old National Highway to the Union City line. Buffington Road is also set for de-icing.  Sand spreaders have been deployed to address ice on Cascade Road.

Fulton County is collaborating with the Georgia Department of Transportation and municipal partners in responding to conditions.

Residents can report icy road conditions in unincorporated Fulton County by calling 404-613-3105 or 404-612-4223.

Fulton County Public Facilities Will be Closed on Wednesday, January 29

Due to continued icy road conditions throughout Fulton County, Fulton County Government facilities that are normally open to the public will be closed on Wednesday, January 29.

First responders, public safety personnel,  emergency management, emergency communications and transportation staff will continue to provide services.  All other non-essential employees do not have to report to work on Wednesday.

Courts in the Atlanta Judicial Circuit will be closed Wednesday, January 29, 2014, due to inclement weather. The Chief Administrative District Judge, Cynthia Wright, in conjunction with the Chief State Court Judge, John Mather, have announced that all courts within the Circuit will be closed to include Superior, State, Juvenile, Magistrate and Probate Courts. All court calendars and trials will be rescheduled.

Court officials have advised that citizens who received jury summons to appear on Wednesday, January 29, 2014 should NOT report. Jurors may call the Juror Standby Line at 404-612-4600 for more information.

Citizens and employees should continue to monitor the County’s website and local news outlets for updates regarding County operations. All Fulton County citizens are encouraged to stay off roadways.

City of Atlanta Works Overnight to Treat Priority Roads and Bridges 

Mayor Kasim Reed early Wednesday morning urged motorists to stay home to allow the city to adequately treat priority roads and bridges to make them safe for travel. Public works crews, along with private contractors, worked overnight to salt and sand major arterials, including state-controlled roads such as Peachtree Road and Piedmont Avenue, to minimize the impact and hazards of snow and ice.

To prepare for Winter Storm Leon, the City of Atlanta began preparing for the inclement weather at 7 a.m. Tuesday morning. The City’s Department of Public Works crews have been working 12-hour shifts to pre-treat priority roads and bridges with 30 spreaders and 40 snow plows. All of the city’s preparations worked as intended; so far no lives have been lost and no major accidents on any city roads or bridges have occurred. Throughout, the day, there has been clear access to and from the city’s hospitals, fire stations and police precincts.

“We urge the public to stay home as much as possible today to allow our crews to make our roads safe, passable and fully open for business as soon as possible,” said Mayor Kasim Reed. ”Without a doubt, our first priority is ensuring the safety of all residents.”

The city of Atlanta has a full deployment of Department of Public Works crews working around the clock to treat roads. The Atlanta Police Department is working closely with the Georgia State Patrol and the Georgia Department of Transportation to assist stranded motorists this morning and throughout the day. In addition, the City of Atlanta has been providing food, blankets and cots to stranded APS students and travelers at the city’s Greyhound bus station and has opened a temporary shelter at the old Adamsville Recreation Center in Southwest Atlanta that can house up to 100 people. 

In accordance with the declared state of emergency issued by the Governor Nathan Deal, Mayor Reed has determined that non-essential City of Atlanta employees should not report to work today. 


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