30 Day Community Input on Renaming of Cascade Elementary - What Should the Name Be?

The community has until March 5 to suggest names for Cascade Elementary

The clock has reset and begun again, leaving community members nearly 30 days to make their opinions known on the renaming of Cascade Elementary.  The Atlanta Board of Education (BOE) has created a 30 Day Public Comment Period on the issue before a committee will make a final recommendation for the schools renaming.

During the February 2013 BOE meeting, the committee was given more time to make their final decision.  Complaints arose that there was not enough community input, and that the community should be given more time. 

So, as Cascade and SW residents, do you want to keep the same name for the school or do you want to change the name of the school.  One of the names suggested was Dr. Joseph Lowery.  What name would you like to see for the school?

You can either mail in or email you name suggestion to hgrant@atlanta.k12.ga.us or via US Mail:
Atlanta Board of Education
Attn: Cascade Elementary Naming Committee
130 Trinity Ave., SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

The Board’s policy on naming facilities will be adhered to:

  • Nominations will be accepted by the committee from individuals, organizations or Board members. Each nomination must be in writing and must include the reasons to justify the nomination. The name(s) of the sponsor(s) of the nomination must also be included.
  • Consideration will be given to names of local communities, neighborhoods, streets, landmarks, and individuals who have made a significant contribution. Names of individuals will be considered only after they have been deceased for five years.(The board will vote to in public whether to waive the five year policy on being deceased)
  • The name recommended will not duplicate, cause confusion, or otherwise conflict with the names of existing facilities in the school system.
  • Any restrictions herein set forth may be waived by a unanimous vote of the Board

Board of Education Meeting: Extend Cascade Renaming Process


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