Basketball Playoffs at Price Middle School to Continue Under Heavier Security

After last week's school shooting, Price Middle School displays its stronger security measures.

The Atlanta Public Schools system has informed parents and staff that the planned middle school basketball playoff games that are were scheduled to be played on Monday at Price Middle School, are going ahead as scheduled despite the shooting incident on Thursday afternoon.

According to the article at TalkUp APS, "attendees will see a visible security presence at the school; in addition, undercover security will be integrated into the population."

Atlanta Public Schools safety and security officials are implementing a reinforced plan for the school and the playoff game, to ensure that all students, parents and community stakeholders are safe.

Metal detectors have been in place at Price Middle School for some time, but it is thought that maybe the weapon that was used in last week's shooting was hidden outside or somehow made it around a metal detector.

Attendees to the game tonight should expect to walk thru a metal detector.  "Attendees should be prepared to enter the gymnasium through metal detectors. Attendees should also be prepared to undergo a manual security wand scan, which could include checking the contents of all bags," said APS security.

"The safety and security of our schools is our top priority. We will remain vigilant in maintaining a safe and secure environment at all schools." - APS

Chief APS Security Officer Sands addressed the members of the APS Board of Education during a regularly scheduled meeting Monday afternoon and gave this statement:

We are back to business and will have a 5:30 basketball game at Price MS with additional security.  We are having continuous conversations to mitigate any future incidents like this on any of our campuses.  We are looking at advanced technology to better secure our properties.  We are looking at new training for our officers as well as teachers and parents.


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