BB Gun Found Near Brown Middle School - Students Safe

Officials confirm that the pistol seen outside the school turned out to be a plastic BB gun.

According to all accounts, it was students and fast acting parents that alerted authorities of the possible danger due to a weapon on campus.

As students began filing into the building at Brown Middle School, a group of students noticed a 6th grade student with what they thought was a pistol.

According to WSB, the students yelled "Kid has a gun' and parents saw what was happening and so the police were called."

This 6th grader apparently tossed the gun into the bushes as he entered the school and went to class as normal.  Authorities were able to eventually recover the gun and pulled the student out of class to talk with police and school administers.

Because the BB gun never made it onto campus, it is unlikely that the student will face any criminal charges, but school disciplinary actions will be taken.  It was just a week ago that a student was shot by another middle school student after an altercation.

Atlanta Public Schools and the Mayor of Atlanta have said that they are working together to put more video resources in all of our schools, as well as thinking about other options to keep kids safe in school.

In a related article published a few weeks ago, we spoke to community leaders about the new community Walmart deciding not to sell firearms, but choosing to continue to sell BB guns.

On the same day of this latest school gun scare, hundreds rallied in support of gun rights and for the right to carry guns on college campuses. Photo Gallery Here.


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