Board of Education Decides to Extend the Cascade Elementary Renaming Process

Will Cascade Elementary be given a new name next school year?

For now Cascade Elementary, located at 2326 Venetian Dr SW, is still Cascade Elementary.  The Board of Education members met on Monday to discuss a host of issues including security at Price Middle School, and decided that the community had not had enough time nor input into the renaming process.

As the Cascade school began to be discussed, The Renaming Committee made its recommendation, "that we not move forward with the renaming at this time."  It's reasons included that it believed the name change would "not comply with board policy."

A full board open discussion was then had by the members, which brought up complaints such as a lack of community involvement during this first "comment period" which just ended on January 31st.

Yolanda Johnson of District 6 said, "The committee met on the 16th and the comment period was posted to end January 31st.  There were some comments. One was, there was no input from the community as it relates to that – no one had reached out to the community.  One comment was “We feel very strongly about the history of our community and we don’t think this is an appropriate change.”

Board members had a motion on the floor to stop right there and choose to not move forward at all on the Cascade Elementary renaming, but Byron Amos and others still felt that the committee process could be a good one and that it should be given a second chance.

He said, "I think we’ve put a shadow over the process by people feeling that it was not going anywhere.  I say we open it back up for 30 days and allow the community to comment without that shadow."

Brenda Muhammed, who had a motion to stop the renaming process, withdrew her motion but clearly stated her opposition.  Muhammad said, "I believe the members that represent their districts represent the pulse of the community. Because of that, based on this representative, made up of the community surrounding the area, that it is their recommendation not just hers that they do not move forward."

At the end, Byron Amos, made a final motion to restart the committee process. "The 30 day clock will begin again on Cascade renaming committee.  Item of renaming will be added to the agenda of the policy committee."

District 6 representatives should put out a request for community comments on this issue in the coming weeks.

What are Your Thoughts?  Should Cascade Elementary be changed to a different name?  What names would you suggest?


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