EMC2 'Eyes on the Prize' Screening, Atlanta Black History Panel Tonight

The Thursday evening panel—at Mays High School—will feature West Manor Elementary and include more black history makers with roots in the greater southwest Atlanta area.


Embracing Mays Community and Cluster Schools (EMC2) will continue its special screening of the classic documentary "Eyes on the Prize: America's Civil Rights Years" and panel discussion at 6 p.m., Thurs., Feb. 2, at [#

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According to EMC2 coordinators, Thursday's event will begin with a student oratory presentation followed by a one-hour screening of a segment of the documentary. After a short break with refreshments, a panel of civil rights foot soldiers and leaders will talk about their memories of the movement.

EMC2 kicked off its six-part black history series on Sun., Jan. 22. Past panel members have included Cascade Heights' resident James Densler, M.D., the nation's first African-American pediatric surgeon; Retired educator and Young Middle School Principal Thomas Kenner; Vic Clark, one of the first African-Americans to attend West Manor Elementary School; Jim Harmon; Lewin Manly, M.D.; Joe Beasley; Danny Cameron; and Barney Simms. 

For a complete overview of the screenings and panel discussions—all at Mays High School—please see the attached PDF.


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