Falcons Player, Roddy White, Visits Mays High School and Fulfills a Childhood Dream

Roddy White visited Mays High School and was able to join the staff for a day.

Mays High School students had a special visitor at their school this week, when Atlanta Falcons Wide Receiver, Roddy White came for the day.

Roddy White, a star on the Atlanta Falcons, came to Mays HS to partake in being a teacher, a cheerleader, a band member, a football coach, and even a "lunch-lady" for a day.  According to the AJC report, one of White's highlights was to get on the PA system in the morning to announce his presence.  It seems that every kid has always wanted to be on the PA system at school, and it was no different for the Pro Bowl football player.  Other highlights were, White participating with the cheer-leading team.

Roddy White was invited to the school as part of Duracell’s “Trust Your Power” program. Duracel donated football gear, a defibrillator and calculators that White handed out.  More on this event can be found at AJC.com.


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