First Lady Deal Spends Time with the Kindergarten Class at Perkerson Elementary

Georgia's First Lady, Sandra Deal visited the students of Perkerson Elementary this month.

Georgia's First Lady, Sandra Deal, is a former school teacher herself and must have felt right at home visiting the kindergarten class of Perkerson Elementary, who were excited to host the Governor's wife.

Mrs. Deal, according to Talk Up APS, "read a poem (Learning to Read) and a book (Who I’d Like to Be) to the attentive and active kindergarteners at Perkerson Elementary on February 7th."  Mrs. Deal who spent her years as a teacher with middle schoolers told the students it had been a while since she taught, but she loves whenever she has a chance to be back in the classroom.

Literacy was the big focus of the First Lady's visit. According to the APS blog she said, “your teachers are helping you everyday to learn the skill of reading because when you can read, you can read math problems, you can read science, you can read social studies and you can read about the world. After that, you can go on to do great things in school and in your lives."

Principal Shawn Bender was joined by faculty of Perkerson and the Early Learning Department at APS in hosting Georgia First Lady Sandra Deal and her staff.


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