How do you feel about new APS administration?

District Superintendent Erroll B. Davis, Jr., and Atlanta Public Schools featured in the New York Times.

From a district-wide cheating scandal uncovered in 2011 to the current effort to redraw school attendance zones, Atlanta Public Schools is no stranger to news coverage.

On Sunday, district superintendent Erroll B. Davis, Jr., was featured in a New York Times article that focuses on the new administration and the climate of change in the district.

The New York Times painted Davis as hero who saved the district during the darkest times:

On July 1, the day he was supposed to retire, Mr. Davis was sitting at Dr. Hall’s old desk, reading the 800-page investigative report and trying to figure out which, if any, of the people in the offices surrounding him could be trusted.

Since then, he has been unbending about rooting out corruption, to the point that Richard L. Hyde, who had been the lead investigator on the commission that issued the state report, said, “He’s brought order to chaos, it’s very impressive.” Mr. Davis has removed more than the 178 teachers and principals named in the report, and he dismissed several top administrators.

Parents: What's your take on Davis and the new administration? Tell us in the comments.

On Feb. 13, Davis sat down with Patch for a wide-ranging interview about the current redistricting effort that aims to address capacity issues at schools around the city.

Davis failed to directly answer questions about overcrowding at Inman Middle School, but said district officials are looking into an expansion at Springdale Park Elementary.


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