Mays High School Band fills in for Clark Atlanta Band due to Possible Hazing at CAU

Clark Atlanta University's band has been suspended due to allegations of hazing.

Over the weekend at Clark Atlanta's opening football game, the sounds from the marching band were heard as normal, but this time it was the Mays High School Band playing the instruments not Clark Atlanta students.

The marching band of CAU was placed on a temporary suspension as the school investigates claims of hazing.  Just a year after the high profile hazing incident at FAMU, where one of SW Dekalb's former students was killed after an incident of hazing, schools around the country are very sensitive to the allegations.

According to WSB-TV, the Mays band jumped at the opportunity to play at the college game and were pleased to have the opportunity.

Details about CAU's investigation have not been made public, but in statements Clark Atlanta states that there has to be any evidence of wrongdoing, and that this action of suspension was just a precaution in the meantime.

CAU Statement:

August 30, 2012--Clark Atlanta University today suspended performances of its “Mighty Marching Panthers” Marching Band, effective immediately, in light of an allegation regarding the possibility of hazing within its ranks.  While there is no immediate evidence of hazing or any other foul play, the University of its own volition chooses to take a thorough, comprehensive look into this serious matter.


Jolene Butts Freeman September 05, 2012 at 04:02 PM
My name is Jolene Butts Freeman and I am the First Female Drum Major in the history of Clark College and CAU. I am a proud graduate of Clark College. Hazing is NOT a common band tradition among ALL Historically Black Colleges and Universities so we should not make the assumption that it is - thus leaving nothing to eradicate. Hazing was NOT a part of our tradition in CAU's band program. We were disciplined, we did not allow our band lines to be broken, and we popped nineties! from beginning to end. We possessed high standards among our ranks. Strong leadership, discipline and bandsmen who lead by example. Most importantly, awesome musicianship was part of our tradition. If you could successfully peform "Hail Roaring Panther" from memory you would understand what I mean. The movie "Drum Line" ? - We set the pace for it years before it was made. A lot was accomplished under the leadership of Band Director - Dr. Alfred D. Wyatt, who by the way, was the First Drum Major in Clark College's history. I pray these allegations are not true and the young people carry on the traditions set by those who came before them. The tradition we began by taking the field to "A Train" set us apart, while others copied other bands and entered the field the same old way. I encourage today's "Marching Panters" to refamiliarize themselves with their history and reflect back on what made them want to be part of the "Mighty Marching Panthers" Marching Band in first place.
Marc Richardson (Editor) September 05, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Well said, Jolene!
Jolene Butts Freeman September 06, 2012 at 12:59 PM
Thanks Marc !


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