Now Recruiting Speakers for APS' Youth Motivational Week

Share your passion and expertise with local students who need and want to hear from you!

With your support, 100+ speakers participated through Atlanta Speaks last year to help motivate children in the classroom.  This year, The College and Career Motivation Day (CCMW) has been expanded to a weeks worth of activities.

With the expansion of the week to middle school students, this year we need your support along with your friends, colleagues and respective organizations. With the Dream Jamboree kick-off, CCMW is set for Jan. 28th through Feb. 1, 2013.

Participating schools, needed careers/professions, and time frames have been identified here.

Please let us know when you are available by completing this form by Friday, Jan 11th if interested.

After Jan 11th, there still may be opportunities open so just let us know when you're available.

Let's come together and show APS how our young professionals come out once again!


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