Parents and Students of Bunche Middle School Fight to Keep their Interim Principal

Parents and staff of Bunche Middle asked the Board of Education to keep Mr. Mario Watkins as their Principal.

During the latest Board of Education meeting, a small number of parents and staff from Bunche Middle school took the opportunity to voice their support for their interim principal, Mr. Mario Watkins.

Principal Watkins' time at Bunche Middle School is said to be coming to an end and a replacement Principal should be in place next school year.

The following comments were taken from the Board of Education's Live Blog:

Bunche Middle Employee:  We have strong leaders and I just ask that the one that we have, we can keep

Bunche Middle School Parent:  I’ve been a part of the community for 18 years and I’m willing to do my part to help this generation.  I think we have strong leadership and it needs to stay there.

Bunche Middle School Parent:  Please leave our interim principal.  Our principal has gained a lot of control over at Bunche.  He has gained a lot of authority back in that school.  The teachers are pumped and students are ready to learn.  I’ve been at lunch for the last 6 years and there have been situations before where the kids don’t feel comfortable but now they feel comfortable.

7th Grade Bunche Student:  Please leave Mr. Watkins as principal at Bunche.  Mr. Watkins has turned the school around.  We have more men visible in the school all day.  The morale is back. Please help us to continue to build a better Bunche.

7th Grade Bunche Student:  I am proud to be here to speak on behalf of Bunche students.  Our principal has helped us to achieve our goals.  He has been making our school a better community.  I am asking the Board to help us build a better Bunche.

Cynthia Dumas, PTSA President at Bunche Middle:  I invite you to see the great things going on at Bunche.  What we would like to see is stability in our school.  The climate is different when you step into the building.  We have mentoring groups…why would we want to change from the person who has made this climate.  We are working together to build a better Bunche.  Please consider what you have heard and will hear about Bunche Middle School.

LSC Chair of Bunche Middle:  I am happy to say since the last meeting I have had a meeting with Ms. Waldon.  What we would like to do is meet with you Mr. Davis, Ms. Johnson to make sure that the process and what happens in the building work together.  We are building a better Bunche and we would like to see that continue.

Bunche Middle Parent:  Bunche has gone through a transformation over the last 6 months.  Bunche is trending in the right direction.  It would be wrong for you to remove the interim principal.  We have to put our kids back at the forefront of education and do what is good and right, day in and day out.  I would hope and encourage you to do what is good and right for all of our students, but for me personally, what is right for Bunche.


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