State Rep. Tyrone Brooks Celebrates Georgia Pre-K Week with Gate City Day Nursery

Celebrate Georgia Pre- Week in your own way!

I just found out that it is Georgia Pre-K Week, and to celebrate many people are going to schools and reading to children or volunteering in other ways.

Cascade Patch was just informed that on Wednesday, October 3rd from 10:00 am to 11:00 am, Georgia State Representative Tyrone Brooks will be at Gate City Day Nursery's main location on Cascade Road reading to the children in celebration of Georgia Pre-K Week.

How can you volunteer this week to help out the educators, care-takers, and administrators that take care of our youngest students and family members?

Gate City Day Nursery Association
2080 Cascade Road SW
Atlanta, Georgia 30311
Ph. 404-753-1172Fax 404-752-8864


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