The Spotlight Shines Bright on a Washington High School 11th Grader also Enrolled at GSU

Liza Wemakor is a Junior at Booker T. Washington High School-Early College and the leader of her class.

This week as the Atlanta Public Schools take a week-long Spring Break, Cascade Patch wants to commend a standout student at Washington High School who was put into the spotlight by the TalkUp APS Blog.

According to the APS Blog, Liza is only a high school junior and she is already dually enrolled at Georgia State University.  Washington High teachers say, "Liza has held the highest ranks at her high school for three consecutive years," and she is known for her eloquence and poise.

”At this point in life, I imagine excelling in college and furthering my ability to do what I have always loved—writing. If we follow our own definitions of greatness rather than allowing others to define it for us, we become unstoppable forces. There is no doubt that the Early College program has made me even more unstoppable.”

Liza Wemakor is a determined individual, and there is little doubt that this 11th grader will achieve all that she sets out to accomplish. 

TalkUp APS says that, "Liza is happiest when she is sitting in an English class, scribbling poetry and short stories in her notebook, or being captivated by a novel."  Liza has a passion for writing,and wants to one day become an English professor and author.

Cascade Patch wishes Liza, her classmates, and teachers all the success in the world and congratulates Liza for her most recent accomplishments.


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