Venetian Hills 2nd Grader Suspended for Allegedly Bringing Gun to School

Gun went off in school cafeteria school Friday. No one injured, according to local news reports.

A second grade student allegedly brought a loaded gun to school Friday, local news sites are reporting.

The boy brought the gun to school in his lunch box, according to a report on the Fox-5 Atlanta website.

The gun went off at the school, according to a story in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, but no one was injured, school administrators said.

Atlanta Public Schools spokesman Keith Bromery told Fox-5 that the gun went off in the cafeteria, lodging a bullet in the cafeteria ceiling.

The boy was immediately suspended for three days, Bromery said, and could face expulsion pending the outcome of the investigation.

Atlanta police were called to question the boy and his parents, according to the Fox-5 story. School officials and Atlanta police are looking into the incident, trying to figure out who actually owns the gun.

Glen McDaniel October 01, 2011 at 05:16 AM
I believe in the right to defend yourself, to hunt and to pursue assorted hobbies that I dont agree with or have any interest in. But what is it with all these guns casually strewn around homes, making it easy for kids to get a hold of them? Guns are made for one reason-to kill. If you feel the need to have a gun to kill anything, at least be responsible enough to secure them from kids. Please!
anderson williams October 06, 2011 at 02:43 AM
I am a firm believer in gun control. If you have guns around the house the odds that you will leave them at the wrong place goes up. More guns kill family members or friends than criminals. You are better off safeguarding your home with adequate security systems than with guns. Too often guns create a false sense of security and carelessness about more effective deterrents such as alarm systems.


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