Washington High Student Suspended For Records Alterations

The student may still face additional repercussions.

A senior academy student has been suspended for changing other students' attendance and class schedule records.

The student "used his parent’s log-in username and password to access the data system containing attendance and class schedule records," APD spokesman Keith Bromery told Patch. "He proceeded to change some of the information for about 18 students."

The offending student's parent is a counselor at the school, Bromery said.

"A student at the school reported the situation, and all of the altered records were changed back to accurately reflect the affected students’ true attendance and course assignments," Bromery said.

"As the student used an established log-in name and password, school officials were able to track precisely where the student had been and correct what he had done," he added.

The senior academy has about 248 students enrolled in its program.

The offending student, who is a senior, has been suspended for seven days, pending a tribunal that will determine additional repercussions. 

The incident occurred between February and April of this year.


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