West Manor Expands Internet Learning Programs

New partnership with Atlanta-Fulton Public Library to provide West Manor Elementary School students with access to a range of online tutoring programs.

has launched a new Internet tutoring initiative this month with the System. 

The program, called ECampus, is the library’s online learning suite of tutoring, test preparation and educational resources for all ages.

On Oct. 3, West Manor administrative coordinator Juree Hall and child services manager Tisa Jackson talked to students about the program and began registering every West Manor student for an eCampus library card. The registration number on the card will provide students and their parents with access to the public library’s eCampus resources.  

West Manor Elementary Interim Principal Dr. Reginald Lawrence said the partnership with the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System will give students and their parents a valuable resource for developing basic skills in core elementary school subjects. West Manor plans to use the SkillsTutor, Tutor.com and ePrep programs provided by the library system.

Said Lawrence, “With 100 percent of our students registering for library cards from the Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System, the eCampus program will enhance our efforts to remediate and accelerate our students and provide access for parents to monitor and work with their child outside of the classroom.”

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Pamela October 13, 2011 at 08:36 PM
Kudos! West Manor continues to demonstrate the type of academic initiatives that have produced many years of high achievers. We should demand better accountability from our elected officials and ourselves than to quietly allow our community and its institutions to be painted with a broad brush of innuendo that suspiciously supports some of the lesser findings in “The Bell Curve”. Published in 1994, The Bell Curve used statistical analysis to explain variations in intelligence in American Society. At the center of controversy, the publication observed a relationship between low African-American test scores (compared to whites and Asians) and genetic factors in intellectual abilities. Could it be that someone is using the APS cheating scandal to justify “separate but equal” type policies and expenditures in 21st century Atlanta? Has anyone failed to notice that the metro Atlanta schools accused of the most severe categories of cheating loosely follow Interstate 20 and encompass schools serving high percentages of African American populations?


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