Blog Post: Why Judge Michael Johnson will beat John Lewis

A look at the 5th Congressional District race for Cascade Patch.

I am not a fan of John Lewis, as a Congressman. I love him for he has done in the past for Black people, however, I live in the world of “What have you done for me Lately.” (I do love Janet).

So, when I read that Fulton County Superior Court Judge Michael Johnson was running against Congressman Lewis, I jumped out of my seat at work. Here is why:

  • *Judge Johnson is a professional
  • *Judge is obviously a judge
  • *Well respected, and intelligent
  • *Experienced at local campaigning

Now, who will his base be? Young, African-American professionals, who supported Mayor Reed and Northside Whites. This coalition is more connected on the issues than one may think.

Both are interested in the economy, health care, and education. Both are moderately conservative and, more importantly, both groups are educated and not predisposed to emotional pleas of race baiting and speeches harping on 40 years ago.

I was at a fundraiser for Congressman Lewis this past campaign season and the speech I heard was a speech about his marches and fight for equality. Well, as I said, I love you for that. But, please do not insult my intelligence. What legislation have you passed that you can point to and say “this is what I have done for you lately.”

None. Nada. Zilch.

The argument I hear most often proposed for keeping Mr. Lewis is: “He is a senior member of Congress.” Well, a senior member of Congress with a historical legacy should rank higher than 236 out of 435 in bringing home the bacon.

What good are you to me if you cannot do the one tangible thing we need in the 5th and that’s federal funds? Yeah, Morehouse School of Medicine is happy every two years but what about Morris Brown or, for that matter, CAU?

“He is chair of subcommittee on ways and means, the most powerful committee on the Hill.” Well, what good does that do me, if over four years you have proposed no original tax reforms.
As an African-American professional, I would love to see some reform to our tax codes. And as a tax payer, maybe tax cuts should be viewed as a give back to the constituents who fund your re-election campaigns. And not tax increases for the rich so you can rally your seniors, and poor people to the polls.

The bottom line is Moses never saw the promised land. It is not fair to the Joshuas of this community to have to wait for their turn. This is not a monarchy,  it is a democracy with two parties. So if Judge Johnson or any other QUALIFIED young person wants to run against Lewis, or any of the other civil rights Lions who are holding on with their wrinkled fingers to a mantle of ineffective leadership, then run.

Build your base with young professionals who are appreciative but need something tangible to vote for not a past legacy.  Boxers who hang on too long, usually get knocked out cold eventually.

Editor's Note: This map shows the boundaries of the 5th Congressional District: 5th Congressional District map.

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Wesley Mapp May 21, 2012 at 09:15 AM
I don't agree with some of this. Most of these jobs blacks don't want to do. Plus we are losing jobs because it was set up that we serve in the slavery of prisons. America is using the Latino the same way they are using us. Don't forget who we are dealing with here. What they want us to do is be divided and for now they are doing it. It says if my people who are called by my name.... Whites came over as immigrants and took this land. Government also calls blacks immigrants, but they are clearly mistaken we are the builders. What blacks need to do is stop depending and start BUILDING again. We don't have jobs cause the jails are enslaving our people. We don't have jobs because we forgot that we are the best builders and creators on this Earth. Open your eyes black people. We built Auburn Ave. We built our own homes (Alonzo Herndon 15 room mansion), we built they Great Wall, and the Pyramids.
Wesley Mapp May 21, 2012 at 09:50 AM
I heard that King told his disciples not to go into politics. If this is true why might he say this. Could it be you are bias, could it be you get caught up in the money being pushed your way, or could it be you become disconnected. I don't know. But if you don't have love for the people until the end of time than you have nothing. John 2:14 says what good is my brother... What are his deeds now, today I don't care about how I did this and that. He didn't do it by himself. If you are going to serve me in office than this fight should never end. You represent the ideas of the people that put you in office. You will not ride on the deeds you did in the past. Jesus continued his fight until the end. Sullivan continued his fight until the end. So why do I care. Well there were 7,000 blacks that showed up to a job fair last year put on by who the Cong. Henry Johnson and Cong. John Lewis. Job fair no jobs to say the least. No porter potties, no water, and no organization. But what did they have meetings, new reporters, and publicity. A group of people ask some of the assistants if they could reimburse them for water. Because 25 people passed out from dehydration and what did they say NO! The town hall meetings were scripted and were a commercial (Ad/ publicity stunt) for them. I hate he didn't run, but he won't get my vote (John Lewis)!
All Justices Concur May 22, 2012 at 07:14 PM
There is a greater song to represent the hero John Lewis ".....Never Does Anything Else For Me He's DONE ENOUGH." You people are amazing. Mr. Lewis gave more than any newcomer on the block is willing to give. Mr. Johnson may walk door to door, make many promises and shake hands, maybe. What water hoses, two legged dogs or four legged dogs has Mr. Johnson faced for the benefit of the people? As long as I have strength in my body I will support Mr. Congressman John Lewis. You people are not advocating to leave America based on what America "has done for you lately?" Outside of the many atrocities from slavery, rape, and murder committed against African Americans what has America done for Black people? For your information what African Americans have in this country was EARNED with blood, sweat, tears, prayer, faith, death, marches and voting., but you have the audacity to ask "what has he(John Lewis) done for you lately?" You "talented tenth" people's "opinion" on the value of political contributions of Mr. Lewis is disgusting.
Thom May 30, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Bravo! I support this article and Judge Johnson's fight to bring change to the 5th District. To this day I still can't get over how Congressman Lewis was one of the FIRST to come out and support Hillary Clinton for President, but then when the tides began to turn, he jumped on the Obama wagon. Right or wrong stand firm on your positions and don't flip-flop because it's convenient.
Dan July 31, 2012 at 01:13 AM
Forgive me, I'm only 40 years old. Could someone let me know what John Lewis has done for his district in the past 20 years? Anything?


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