New Falcons Stadium in Vine City? Yes or No? Share Your Thoughts at Monday's Forum

Common Cause Georgia would like to invite you to our forum to discuss the proposed new Atlanta stadium. "RaISE UP" and let your voice be heard at this forum.

Common Cause Georgia would like to invite you to our forum to discuss the proposed new Atlanta stadium.  "RaISE UP" and let your voice be heard at this forum, or at www.AtlantaRaISEUP.com

We are not for or against the proposed new stadium, but we feel the Southwest Atlanta public and specifically the communities around Vine City, have had very little input so far in the negotiations between the Atlanta Falcons and the Georgia World Congress Center (a taxpayer supported, public agency).  

Common Cause Georgia is working to make sure, no matter what your opinion is, that you will be heard by the decision makers.  Please join us and "RaISE UP" and be heard on this important issue!

Forum/Panel Discussion on the proposed new stadium
Monday, November 26, 2012 - 7 to 8 PM
Morehouse College - Sales Hall Auditorium

Hosted by Common Cause Georgia,
Moderated by DeMarco Morgan, 11 Alive News

Panel Participants:
Frank Poe, Executive Director, GWCC
Wyc Orr, Boardmember, CCGA
Benjamin Flowers, Professor, Georgia Tech

If you cannot make it to the forum for some reason, please visit the website and make your voice heard. www.AtlantaRaISEUP.com

J.J November 25, 2012 at 06:50 PM
The current Dome is fine. I don't want any of my tax dollars to go towards a new dome unless I can get a tax write off. We need to put our money into hospitals such as Grady. Let's focus less on things that attract visitors and more on the needs of those who reside in Atlanta!!!!!
Jair Sweatman November 26, 2012 at 03:27 PM
Visitors inject capital into our local economy. They come, spend money, support local businesses and pay taxes on their purchases and hotels. The income visitors bring is vital to operating a vibrant city. The new stadium will bring in visitors from the surrounding states, just as the current dome does. But the advantage is new stadium has is attracting higher profile events, larger crowds and a larger visiting tax base. Vine City won't profit from a new stadium in as much as Vine City did not profit from the current dome. In fact there will be very little impact, other than traffic, on Vine City. Frankly, until the Vine City community stops getting in the way of progress, it will never realize the benefits it could enjoy as a working partner with developments around their 200+ acre community. Build the new stadium, host the 2017 Super Bowl and let the Phoenix, the symbol of our great city, reached new heights.
Andre Dickens November 26, 2012 at 04:52 PM
I was born here, was here when Dome was built, and I've been a Falcons season ticket holder since 2003. I am satisfied with the current Dome for a few more years. While I understand that new stadiums attract events, it does not seem that we are at a loss of events in the current building. SEC championship, NCAA Final Four Basketball, Basketball conference championships and tourneys, Wrestlemania, and more. Are we expecting to sell more seats because the Dome is not a 100% sell out often. Plus the few times that it is a sell-out, there are often plenty of tickets available in the street or at outlets just before events indicating that its not like a Packer, Giants, or Eagles game that you can't get in too easily. $400 million from taxpayers is a tall order given pressing issues like education, healthcare, poverty, and jobs. To neglect Vine City is irresponsible. If we want to expand the tax base by potentially having more visitors, instead of a new stadium, why not build a fan village of restaurants, shops, games, etc around the current Dome near MLK or in the GWCC? That sounds like much less than $400 million and it will be mostly privately funded.
Jair Sweatman November 27, 2012 at 08:05 PM
I agree with you Andre. The current Dome does host a variety of events, but even if the new stadium were not built, the $400M (actually closer to $300M), would not go to address any of the issues you mentioned. We, the taxpayers, will own the new stadium, but we will only pay for 30 percent of it. We get a new stadium for 70 percent off; a stadium to rival the best across the entire country. We have an airport second-to-none, traffic that is third behind only LA and NY and the best Mayor in the U.S. We should, and will, have the newest and the best stadium in the country. As for Vine City, no one is neglecting Vine City. From experience I can tell you there have been many, many efforts to redevelop Vine City; tens of millions of dollars of potential investment. Vine City could have been redeveloped to be a fan village, as well as the newest eco-district in Atlanta with new homes, shops and attractions, but that deal, worth over $250M, went no where, but not from the lack of effort by investors. If there was a deal to put the new stadium in Doraville or Gwinnett, the citizens of Atlanta would do whatever they could to keep it downtown. And that is exactly why the new stadium will be built here and not there.


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