Our Cascade Patch Workout Plan - Week 1

Fit Neighborhood helps Cascade Patch and its readers get into shape.

Today marks the 1 week anniversary of a new blog posting at Cascade Patch. The Cascade Patch Workout Plan is a weekly update of my time spent with , which is a local fitness studio located on Cascade Road.  , has graciously decided to open her studios to me and our readers to help us all "stay fit and healthy."

Week 1 -

To get started in a  program, you first go through a consultation session. This is about a 30 minute session in which a trainer will assess your current level of fitness, your goals, and create a personalized plan for your workouts.

If you are anything like me, your consultation could be disappointing...or maybe motivating is a better way to look at it.  I have gained 20 pounds in the past 15 months, and now I am MOTIVATED to try and burn it off!  After a few stretching exercises, and other consultation techniques I was cleared to start working out.

From the 1st day, to my surprise, the main focus was put onto my eating habits. Though we had not even worked out yet, Meika was concerned with my eating and especially my eating breakfast.  Somehow, she could tell that I was not a routine breakfast eater, and she walked me thru good foods to eat within an hour of waking up.  Foods such as whole grains, fruits, yoghurt, and peanut butter on whole grain bread. 

If you want to lose weight, you have to eat right.

Then the workouts finally began...3 1-hour-long workouts a week. 
Some of you who have been working out off and on already will fit right in and be back to losing calories in no time.  Me, on the other hand, am starting from zero and had a tough time in my first workout.  I could hardly get passed the warm-up session.  But this is not a bad thing...The trainers did not pick me apart from not being able to keep up, in fact they were there to help me through it and encourage my effort.

My first workout with Fit Neighborhood ended with me only probably performing 20% of the group exercises, but now I was ready for what was to come.

My second workout for the week went much better, though I was still tired and huffing and puffing I was able to make it 90% of the way.

Though I am not where I want to be yet, and though I probably have not lost ANY of the 20 pounds gained yet, I feel stronger after only a week and I am motivated to keep going.

Thanks to Meika and Fit Neighborhood, for showing Cascade Patch that staying fit and healthy takes hard-work and dedication. 

I look forward to Week 2.

You Can try FIt Neighborhood yourself for 30 days for $89.00. Unlimited group training access and more.


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