"Black History in Cascade" Series Begins Today

Our 2nd annual "Black History in Cascade" series begins today with a profile of Judge Marvin Arrington, Sr., who will receive a city honor on Feb. 6.


It is Black History Month across the country but, in our little neck of the woods, it's Black History in Cascade month, too.

As we did in 2011, Cascade Patch will periodically run profiles, news stories and events lists about African-American history in greater southwest Atlanta.

Today we are featuring a profile of Judge Marvin Arrington, Sr., who will receive a city honor on Feb. 6.

We also are reminding readers of the continuing EMC2 series of "Eye on the Prize" screenings and panel discussions on selected Thursdays and Sundays at Mays High School.

In addition, we are encouraging readers to submit news items, events and photos, such as the one featured her showing the oldest living graduate of Morris Brown College in west Atlanta, Claudia Burris Williford; reader Kimberly Jones submitted the picture and story about Williford, who now lives in South Carolina.

And, don't forget to watch the Events page for unique community offerings of Black History Month events such as the notice today about Black History Month Story Time at Cascade United Methodist. To submit free events you must share your email (see "Get The Newsletter" on the home page) and then go to "Contribute" at the bottom of the home page and follow the simply steps for submitting information (Watch our "How to Post an Event on Patch" Video for a step-by-step guide).

So, join Cascade Patch this month for the latest news on "Black History in Cascade," our community report on local history makers and black history news.


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