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                So here we are in the year of 2012, not 1986 or even the 1950’s. We still have to fight for an equal education. We have always wanted to be given a fair chance is life for our children and us. We would be sprinkled with water hoses, spit on, beat up, and even shot for a proper education. Here we are 2012 and you have the audacity to lock a woman who wanted to send her son to a school who would give her black male child a fighting chance in this disenchanted world. America at what point do you say I want to accept my blacks who have served me and even built me FREEDOM! Not the unbalanced freedom that was thrown to us in 1865, but one that looks at us through the same lens as the white citizens. We are tired of being the step child. I TOO, Sing America!

                In Connecticut a woman by the name of Tanya Mcdowell enrolled her son in a Norwalk school and used the child’s baby sitter’s address. She was homeless; living in shelters (Norwalk Emergency Shelter), people she knew homes, and her van. Her lawyer Darnell Crosland stated that there was a drug ring going on in the Housing Authorities that the baby sitter was living in. She approached by the police and asked to give information after the cops found out she didn’t lived there.They tried to use persuasion to get her to talk, but she refused. Charges were brought up for larceny and she removed her son from the school. She was taped (set up) six times selling small amounts of drugs to undercover cops. How convenient right? She is homeless and trying to find a way out most sadly turn to selling drugs since it is so accessible in our communities! So I wonder who ships the drugs over to America or who regulate the waters or airs to allow these substances to come to the black communities.

                 On April 2011 she was arrested and given a $25,000 bond! Even though there were stated to have been 26 other cases and 12 cases that were brought up she is the only one to get a conviction like this one. Why is the court system targeting her and not the ones with the money like Presidential candidate Santorum who raped the tax payers of Pennsylvania of over $100,000 to pay for his children’s education? But they lived in Virginia while he held a senate seat and they took online classes at the Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School.  He pulled them out and didn’t pay any money back. This sounds like welfare to me, but the Republicans always likes to point out the blacks on welfare. What about the over 300 years of welfare America received from blacks they don’t question that. We raised white folk’s children for years to neglect our own! They never talk about their welfare they put into place. But they target someone with no money, is this justice! But still we rise!      



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