When Do You Think it is a Good Time to Hire a Tutor for Your Child?

When Do You Think it is a Good Time to Hire a Tutor for Your Child?

 Every so often, people have their cars checked out, but when it comes to their children’s education, they wait until issues arise and then want to fix things. Parents depend on the school system every year to correct their child and handle all their learning challenges. Why? When will the madness stop?! This is a subject I feel needs to be addressed. Why when I tutor students or visit some family's houses, they have a big screen television, but not a book case. Why do parents not read books with their children as much as they curse at them, watch TV, or search social media? Our priorities are backwards. We put education and life lessons on the back burner while placing bad credit and poor money management on the pedestal. People, open your eyes! I would rather see you go in debt over providing a learning opportunity for your child than giving them the latest name brand fashions.

       Around the world, students receive tutoring just to get ahead. In the United States, children are tutored when their learning is on life support. Most of the time when this happens, the child has most likely been lost. What do you do? You hire a tutor and expect them to make miracles happen. This is not the solution. You are the miracle worker. You can not make excuses for your child's lack of education or home training.. Stop it! Our children need to have a book in their hand twice as much as they watch television. They need to be solving math problems twice as much as they talk on the phone. Let us save our children and stop making excuses. If you can afford a tutor, do not wait until life supports kicks in it is really too late. Wake them up in their sleep and do it before the problems occur. As a matter of fact, advance them to the next level if you feel confident in your child's abilities. Remember, a person is never too smart to learn!

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